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Location Industry News Effective March 1! Schlumberger and Guoju have increased channel prices

Effective March 1! Schlumberger and Guoju have increased channel prices

Effective March 1! Schlumberger and Guoju have increased channel prices

Introduction: on February 23, the company issued a price adjustment letter for some discrete devices. On the same day, the state-owned giant agent announced that the price of patch resistance in Greater China increased by 15% to 25% since March 1.


According to the price adjustment letter issued by the microelectronics of Shilan, due to the rising price of raw and auxiliary materials and packaging, the price of some discrete devices was decided to be adjusted from March 1, 2021, covering all MOS, IGBT, SBD, FRD, power pair tube, etc., but did not announce the unified channel increase.

As a large-scale IDM enterprise in China, swam micro has a complete production line of 6-inch, 8-inch and 12 inch characteristic process wafers, and its three major categories of products Power & power devices, MEMS sensors and LED chips have great influence in the domestic market.


Chip masters believe that this price increase is also mainly concentrated in power MOS, IGBT, diode and other categories. Slightly different from fabless companies, this price increase of IDM companies has released a more obvious signal that the price of upstream and downstream materials and packaging capacity are in an abnormal tension state.

On the same day, Taiwan Business Times quoted an agent as saying that Guoju, the world's largest resistor manufacturer, increased the price of chip resistors by 15-25% for agents in Greater China. The new price will take effect on March 1.

Boots landing, giant or to keep up with the rising pace of wangquan resistance.

One of the reasons behind this is that the output of the world's second largest resistance factory has dropped sharply by half since it was exposed that it was separated. After several months, the resistance inventory level of the original factory, agents and customers bottomed out. Second, the demand growth, raw material price rise and other resistance manufacturers' price rise are the combined causes.



At the same time, new progress has been made in the "separation" of No.2 resistance plants in the world.

Before the separation, the monthly production capacity of SMR reached 60 billion, ranking the second in the world, and in recent years, it expanded a lot of 0201 small-scale production capacity“ After the "separation", the output dropped by 50%. The people and horses from the industry will make a new start, and the trend of family change may be a foregone conclusion. During this period, the production capacity of global resistors dropped by 30 billion per month, which has also become an unexploded bomb for EMS factories to judge that there may be a large shortage of chip resistors in the future.

At the same time, the resistance factory only has plans to expand production in 2021. In 2021, Guoju, which is concerned about the price rise of chip resistors, has turned its main force of expansion to tantalum capacitors with higher gross profit. Other manufacturers are either powerless or not interested in increasing production capacity supply.

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