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In terms of personnel selection, we should take "loyalty, sincerity and ability" as the criteria, and adhere to the principle of "morality first and ability second". Insist on attracting, cultivating and retaining people with salary, affection and career. Pay attention to employee training, let every employee improve and grow together with the enterprise, pay attention to employee career planning, provide development space for every talent. In terms of human resource development, our talent strategy is to tap the potential of employees, improve the quality of employees, and optimize the talent structure through modern human resource management practices, so as to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises, seize the commanding heights of future development, provide a stage for talents who like innovation and challenges, and create a good environment for the realization of personal value, Pursue the best combination of enterprise needs and employee needs.

In the process of human resource management, the company adheres to management innovation, system innovation and concept innovation; Create an open, fair and just environment, establish a set of mechanism to give full play to personal potential, and provide employees with development space to fully realize their self-worth.

The company will provide employees with:

1. Good working environment, harmonious relationship with colleagues and a united and energetic working team

2. A system of appointing people on merit and encouraging young people to move up

3. Good learning and training plan

We need talents with team spirit to join us. Here, you will find your life value!

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