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  • Position:Sales Department
    Experience:More than 1 year

    Job description:

    Our sales team is the front-line disseminator of the company's brand and value, willing to challenge and fully enjoy the fun of sales work, and plays a key role in creating revenue and profits for the company. Continue to enhance and maintain the relationship with existing customers, and constantly explore new markets and create new opportunities.

  • Position:Customer service department
    Experience:More than 1 year

    Job description:

    From receiving the order to the end of the order, the whole process of follow-up processing and timely feedback to customers, provide professional knowledge answers for customers, and also provide help and support for suppliers.

  • Position:Marketing Department
    Experience:More than 1 year

    Job description:

    The marketing department is the strategic support department of the company. All the work is to help us get more orders, obtain greater competitiveness, expand the company's business scale and enhance our market position. As a member of the team, what you have to do is to try your best to provide the best air transportation solution.

  • Position:Sales Assistant / Merchandiser
    Experience:More than one year

    Job requirements:

    1. 18-27 years old, both men and women can experience

    2. Those who have experience in civil service or customer service are preferred. The typing speed is required to be more than 30 bytes per minute

    3. Be aware of service, be polite and patient to customers

    4. Be organized in doing things, and express clearly in words

    5. Steady and responsible

    operating duty:

    1. Follow up the customers assigned by the company, reply the customer inquiry in time, follow up the situation and confirm the order;

    2. Receive orders from customers, check and confirm orders, send them back to customers, and send them to relevant departments;

    3. According to the customer's delivery schedule, make the delivery plan and distribute it to the relevant departments and follow up the delivery;

    4. Follow up the production progress of customer's order, report to superior in case of any abnormal situation;

    5. Assist quality personnel in handling customer complaints;

    6. At the end of the month, check the delivery accounts with customers, and follow up the invoice amount;

    7. Make monthly sales report according to the actual sales amount of the current month;

    8. Cooperate with business sales, keep in touch with customers, increase communication and do a good job in customer service;

    9. Finish other temporary work assigned by superior.

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