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Good start

Shenzhen Guanrong electronics has resumed work and materials have been delivered

Shenzhen Guanrong Electronics Co., Ltd. has officially resumed work:


2020 is a special year“ The word "New Coronavirus pneumonia" has accompanied us through a different spring festival. Due to the severe situation of the epidemic, we had to take notice of delay in work, and the epidemic also created many inconveniences.


Accumulation of express goods


Package delivery delay


For undelivered orders, we issue them in order to ensure that the materials are delivered to customers as soon as possible, so that the materials are sufficient for production. During the epidemic period, if you need materials, you are welcome to consult our sales colleagues, and we will arrange to send them to you in time. At the same time, due to the limited logistics, we hope you can make a good plan in advance. If there is any inconvenience, please understand!

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