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TO-277 package

1、Photo of diode package to-277:


2. Process dimension diagram of diode package to-277:


1. Adopt the package design of the exposed heat sink and install the patch type;

2. The material is made of high purity copper, which has good heat dissipation effect, and the power density and current density are more than 30% higher than the same size packaging;

3. All products meet ROHS requirements, and can meet the requirements of environmental protection according to customer requirements;

4. The product can withstand the reflow welding temperature below 260 ℃.

5. The Schottky diode with ultra low VF developed for application has strong forward surge bearing capacity, which makes your products more energy-saving and consumption-saving.

6. The products can be widely used in solar cells, automotive electronics, computer peripherals, home appliances, etc. (suitable for small space high efficiency adapter power supply, apple adapter)`

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